Braeside Hospital

Participating hospital information updated Friday 29th July 2016. Please contact specific hospitals if further information is required.


340 Prairevale Road, PRAIREWOOD NSW 2176


Manager / Contact


No of FYGs

1 (Joint allocation with Fairfield, who take another 2 FYGs)

No of physios (PT) and assistants (A)

5 F/T, 3 P/T, 2 Assistants

No of hospital beds


FYG Clinical Rotations

Working hours


Weekend shifts

Evening shifts




Orientation Process

FYG are required to attend departmental and hospital orientation on the first day. Orientation will include all mandatory training eg. manual handling, fire & safety, perusal of policies and procedures manuals, orientation to the department and wards. FYGs will also receive clinically specific inservices on rehabilitation.

Education programs

Departmental inservice every 2nd Wednesday. Case presentations and discussions every Thursday morning. Regular EBP meetings and regular supervision sessions with Senior physiotherapist. Opportunities to attend relevant courses.

Pre-Requisites e.g. D/L; Interest in clinical areas relevant to facility

Social Activities

The physiotherapy department has organised (optional) lunchtime activities each day which includes table tennis, chess & squash. We have a strong link with Fairfield Hospital Physiotherapy Department and there are often joint social activities.

Support Mechanisms

Annual Leave Policy